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Armagh is one of the most attractive counties in all of Ireland for shopping, things to do, places to visit including places to eat. It is home to many beautiful Irish landscapes as well as the architecture found in many of its towns. Some of its more famous sights include Slieve Gullion which is a mountain in the south of County Armagh and also the highest point in the County. There is also the famous Tayto Crisp factory and of course Armagh city has two cathedrals. The ambassador programme will educate the appointee’s on all that stands out about Armagh and in return they will spread the word..

Below are County Armagh Facts:

Armagh is known as the Orchard County because of the number of apple orchards.

Slieve Gullion is the highest point in the county at 573m. It is an extinct volcano with a lake at its summit.

The city of Armagh is the only city in the world which has two cathedrals, both dedicated to the same saint, Saint Patrick. It is also one of the thirty-two traditional counties of Ireland, lying within the historical province of Ulster.

The smallest county in Northern Ireland is County Armagh, at 1,254 km square. It borders the Irish Republic to the south, County Down to the east, County Tyrone and Lough Neagh to the north and north-west.

Armagh is the spiritual capital of Ireland for 1,500 years and the seat of both Protestant and Catholic archbishops.

Armagh city was the capital of Ulster in earlier times.

West of Armagh town is Navan Hill fort, from where Ulster kings ruled for a millennium.

The Catholic Cathedral of St Patrick is in the Gothic style. Work on the building was halted during the Famine in the middle of the nineteenth century, not to be completed until 1873 thanks to fundraising and donations.
The Anglican cathedral also called St Patricks, is much older than its Catholic counterpart, being restored in 1765.

http://www.armaghcounty.netAs you can see Armagh has a lot to offer to the visitor or intellect. It’s my privilege to cover Good News Stories and I invite contributions from anyone who has had a positive experience either while visiting or living here. Please feel free to share your experience with us and also please like us on facebook.

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