BioEden The World’s First Dental Pulp Stem Cell Bank

A Unique Patented Process is Born

http://www.bioedenlife.netMike Bryom, the Chief Science Officer at BioEdenLife read various articles about the discovery and potential of the baby tooth breakthrough. After collaboration with Dr. Sontago Shi (a dintist and researcher who discovered stem cells within the pulp of his daughters naturally shed baby tooth), Mike developed a commercial process of harvesting stem cells from milk teeth that was later commercialised into BioEden’s Technology and so the world’s first dental pulp stem cell bank was born in 2006.

The Baby Tooth Breakthrough (Watch Webinar Click Here)

The biggest discovery was yet to come because shortly after BioEdenLife developed their unique patent protected process they also revealed that the stem cell from the baby tooth harvesting were MESENCHYMAL STEM CELLS. In other words, the cells they were able to harvest had the ability to “morph” into many other stem cells types such as those taken from a newly born baby’s umbilical cord” Another revelation was that once the cells had been harvested the donor would never run out of their own stem cells due to their expand-ability. They also revealed that the stem cells harvested from baby teeth are at their own optimum best in terms of healing power, because they have been harvested when they are young, vibrant, healthy and full of functionality. Also very importantly is the fact that harvesting from a milk tooth provides a new and completely unique non-invasive method of collecting stem cells because no medical or dental intervention is required as the tooth falls out naturally.

http://www.bioedenlife.netBaby Tooth Stem Cell uses

Heart Disease: Repair of Cardiac muscle

Blood Vessels: Tissue repair and regrowth

Nerve Repair: From Spinal Cord, peripheral

Regeneration of Brain Cells: To treat Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and Motor Neurone diseases.

Replacement Bone, Cartilage & Tissue: Bone regrowth and repair, Joint and back repair,liver and lung repair after damage or injury.

Insulin Secreting Cells: To cure Diabetes

Fat Cells: For reconstructive surgeries.

Skin: Skin grafts after burn or reconstructive surgery, 

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