BioEdenLife: The Biggest Medical Breakthrough Since Penicillin

Your child will lose 12 milk teeth over a period of approximately five years but did you know?

http://www.bioedenlife.netThis length of time means there are more opportunities for the stem cell bank to obtain viable cells for storage and the process is completely non-invasive. Tooth cells are adaptable and may be used to treat conditions such as heart disease and Alzheimer’s, for example.

For information on treatment and therapy from tooth stem cells click here.

Stem cell treatment, without the fear of rejection, offers one of the most promising paths to curing medical conditions, injures and diseases and safeguarding the health of future generations. An ongoing supply of healthy cells is therefore essential. Below is 10 reason why you should store your children’s milk teeth today
  1. These stem cells could one day improve or even save your child’s life.
  2. http://www.bioedenlife.netStoring stem cells today means they are available tomorrow and anytime throughout your child’s life. Whenever your child has need of them they will be here waiting. No searching. No hoping for a stem cell match.
  3. Your child’s own cells are their only perfect stem cell match. Using their own cells means no rejection and no chance of contracting another’s disease or genetic disorder. After all they are a natural  part of them.
  4. Obtaining stem cells from teeth is the only way to obtain stem cells without the need for expensive or painful medical intervention.
  5. The best cells are young cells, before they can deteriorate through age or pollution. Your child’s cells will never be as good as they are today.
  6. Stem cell medicine will become mainstream medicine in the very near future. The Harris Review of 2007 predicts the chance of using your own cells is as high as 1 in 3*.  Wouldn’t it give you peace of mind to know that your child’s own cells are readily available?
  7. http://www.bioedenlife.netStem cells from teeth have the widest potential for therapeutic application. They can proliferate safely in a lab and naturally change into different cell types thereby allowing them to treat more conditions
  8. Storing tooth stem cells is less expensive, faster and easier than any other alternative.
  9. A Lifetime Membership Plan is available to provide every parent with peace of mind. 
  10. Storing stem cells from a naturally shed baby tooth opens your private door to personalised medicine by providing the bridge to treatment specifically and naturally designed for you.When you send your children’s milk tooth to the lab the first thing that happens is each tooth is immediately tested for infectious diseases and you are notified of the results. If in unlikely event  that a disease is detected then as you know early detection is imperative and of course receiving notification that your child is health and disease free is every parents dream. Now you can have that dream and protect your children for Life. Let me see how

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