Baby Milk Teeth are life Savers

Baby Teeth Stem cell research is now at the forefront of medical science and has led to advances in the treatment of illnesses and conditions which were previously thought to be “incurable”

Using personalised stem cells will become the medical treatment of choice – but you need to be able to use your own stem cells to take advantage. Your child’s stem cells are their only perfect match – no rejection, no search or appeals for a donor – ensure their cells are already banked and ready for use. Younger is better – as with the rest of our bodies, stem cells age over time, so banking cells when they are young ensures they retain their optimum potency.*Harris Report 2007

Why Stem Cells from Teeth?

Recovering stem cells from milk teeth is safe, simple, non-invasive and requires no medical intervention. Stem cells from milk teeth have the greatest potency and potential for therapeutic application, allowing for more treatment options.  Stem Cells from your babies milk tooth has a particular type of stem cell – mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs), which have the remarkable ability to give rise to any cell type in the body – meaning they hold the potential for therapeutic application way beyond its source, and could treat anything from neurological and blood disease, to bone and muscle disease. In 2015 the most cited stem cells within scientific literature, hematopoietic, were overtaken by MSCs—which continue to move ahead at a staggering rate.

So no matter where they are found, mesenchymal cells have the inherent capability to treat a wide number of diseases of the body. And there is the one source in particular which is much superior than any other and that’s your baby milk teeth.

Referred to as the Little Building Blocks Of Life (Baby Milk Teeth)

http://www.bioedenlife.netThe youngest of all stem cell sources in terms of date of discovery and research, is our teeth are now known as a particularly rich source of MSCs, and thanks to their ease of accessibility—they can be extracted from baby teeth, wisdom teeth, or even damaged or removed teeth—they are quickly being considered the best all-round source of autologous (from your own body) MSC stem cells.

So it’s becoming easier than ever to not only study MSC stem cells, but to extract and store them for your personal use in stem cell treatments, but because this was a relatively recent discovery—unlike bone marrow and cord blood—until now there was little in the way of tooth stem cells from donors to fuel research studies.

However, as of today, and outside of dental applications, MSC stem cells from teeth are already being considered the best candidates for bone regeneration—proving effective in jaw and skull repair—and are amongst the strongest candidates for a source of neural stem cells—having demonstrated their power in vitro against models of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

With studies of MSC stem cells from other sources (e.g. bone marrow) having proved to be effective in treating and even reversing a wide range of disease and illness, it’s only a matter of time before the research into tooth-derived stem cells matures. As more people become aware of it, the donor lists will grow, and we hope to see even more outstanding results. The future of stem cell banking is already here and scientist believe that within a short number of years,  Stem Cells will be able to cure illnesses instead of the common practice today of treating them. Of course this depends on a decision you make today. If you don’t store your Stem Cells then they can’t be used to cure you or a loved one.

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