Irish Answer to Dave Allen, Kieran Cunningham Live at Warrenpoint Golfclub.

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David Tynan O’Mahony (6 July 1936 – 10 March 2005), better known as Dave Allen, was an Irish comedian. Initially becoming known in Australia during 1963–64, Allen made regular television appearances in the United Kingdom in the later 1960s and 1970s. His career had a major resurgence during the late 1980s and early 1990s. At the height of his career he was Britain’s most controversial comedian, regularly provoking indignation at his frequent highlighting of political hypocrisy and his disregard for religious authority. He also became known in the United States and Canada through broadcasts of his shows on television there.

Following his death at the young age of 68, the image that abides, is of Allen draped comfortably over his bar stool, whiskey at his right elbow, cigarette at ease between his fingers. His indignation was frequently directed at religious silliness of one sort or another – he was always careful to refer to “your god” (“May your god go with you”), never a particular god. He was greeted as an iconoclast, and he was hailed as the godfather of alternative comedy.

At tough act to mimic, award winning Irish actor Kieran Cunningham who comes from Neary in County Down in Northern Ireland performs the role of Dave Allen in the sixty minute play. Kieran as well as appearances in some of the countries TV soaps and TV Dramas is also known for his performance as Brendan in the award winning show THE FLAGS, which was premiered at the Irish festival in Manchester in 2011

Dave Allen’s play gets world premiere during the Irish Festival

.When asked about why he decided to produce the play the actor commentated “Me and my Dad were massive fans of Dave Allen, I suppose he was the first alternative Irish comedian to break through into the English market. The research for the play has been fascinating and I have talked to his relatives to get a real insight into his life.”

Dave Allen’s humour, outlook and life are brought to the stage in this one man play which highlights the comedian’s unique outlook on life. He had a keen eye for the day to day idiocies, a gift for storytelling and a passion for the absurd. It explores the life and inimitable humour of a man acknowledged by many as the first alternative comedian.

Kieran takes his hilarious play to Warrenpoint Golf Club tonight Saturday night, and it is expected to be sell out. The doors open at 7.30pm and the show starts 8pm Sharp. Admission Only £10



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