Concern Worldwide Reaches The Hearts of NI Ambassadors

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A number of caring individuals from across Northern Ireland join Concern Worldwide as Ambassadors. Their role is about creating awareness of the chronic problem that is global hunger and Malnutrition. This will be achieved by inspiring support for Concern’s work in tackling hunger and transforming lives of people living in some of the world’s poorest communities. Concern Ambassadors will use their community knowledge and local networks to motivate people young and old by delivering a specially created audio-visual presentation to local audiences ranging from schools and churches to clubs and businesses. Please feel free to request an ambassador to visit your organisation by contacting 0800 032 4001 and of course if you would like to support Concern Worldwide in any way do please get in touch…

Who is Concern Worldwide and what do they do?

Concern Worldwide are specialists in tackling hunger within the most vulnerable people in the world’s poorest regions. They act fast in emergencies through their D.E.C. (Disaster Emergency Committee) saving many lives and helping to rebuild livelihoods living in extreme poverty. Concern responded to over 30 emergencies in 2015 helping over 2.8 million people. In countries susceptible to disaster, Concern works to prevent and limit the impact of future crises. They do this by establishing early warning systems to alert people when a crisis is imminent.

One way they help is by working with communities to do hazard mapping on villages and surrounding areas to identify the most flood-prone areas. This allows Concern to focus not only on saving lives, but also on protecting people’s livelihoods, in particular their ability to grow food. A big part of Concerns role over the past 40 years, was to work  with the world’s poorest people to tackle hunger by working in partnership with communities, combining expertise and intelligent solutions with local knowledge to enable families within their communities to tackle hunger and work their own way out of poverty. This is achieved mostly through the Realigning Agriculture Nutrition to Improve Agriculture (RAIN) Programme which is kindly support by the Kerry Group.

Hunger is the world’s biggest health problem – every year it kills more people than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined. Right now 795 million people do not have enough food to eat and the vast majority of them live in developing countries and will possibly go to bed hungry tonight. Concern believe that no one should have to live with hunger and the damage it does, because as you know lack of food jeopardises the well being of families,: mothers are forced to reduce the number of meals children eat; families replace nutritious foods like vegetables and beans for staples like corn and millet. Without the right nutrients, children can’t grow up healthily, adults don’t have enough energy to work and people’s immune systems are weak, turning common infectious diseases into killers. Concerns objective is to end hunger by 2030 which is a tough ask considering that one in nine people go hungry every day, that’s 795 million people worldwide

Will you make wishes come true this Christmas?

Right now, thousands of families are wishing for the life-changing gifts you’ll find on our gifts website, which can help them fight poverty. By shopping with Concern, you could deliver clean water to a community, help a family grow their own nutritious food or give a child everything they need to go to school and receive a life-changing education. You will also be giving your nearest and dearest the heart warming experience of knowing that their gift can have a huge impact on the life of someone who has very little. Please log on to and choose the perfect gift for your family and friends or just simply click on Donate and give whatever you can. Thank you.


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